Muhammad Ali

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Born  Jan 17th, 1942  Louisville, KY
56-5(37 Ko's)---(10-3) vs other heavyweights of the 70's

The ledger to the right lists high quality fighters in purple and fights with the heavyweights of the 70's in red.The links in red on the fighters names are links to information from the fight itself, thefeeling before the fight and the fight as I saw it. If the fighter lost a certain fight four asterisks will be in the last column(****).  If a result of a fight is linked in red then that fighters record is available in the records database.

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Versus current era boxers
Vs 1991 Evander Holyfield-Holyfield would be in big trouble against the jab of Ali, although I think he would stand up the whole time. Ali would never be in trouble here. If Holyfield became desperate which he could have done in 1991 when he still had his legs, the second half of the fight may of become interesting, but only to a degree. Prediction-Ali Unanimous Decision.

Vs 1988 Mike Tyson-Tyson would not have lasted against Ali, it is pure and simple. Tyson would have been tied up as only Ali could do and gotten frustrated, Ali and his jabs would have slowly wore Tyson down until the point where Tyson made a mistake. Prediction-Ali KO in 11

Vs 1999 Lennox Lewis-Lewis' trademark is being the fast big guy. Ali was much faster however and the size difference would have been negated by the Ali jab. I think this one is going the distance in something like a 11-1 or 13-2 white wash depending on the length of the fight. Prediction-Ali unanimous Decision.

Skill Rating
(from 1 to 10, ten being the best)

Hand Speed-10
Intangibles(smarts,finishing,getting out of trouble,Cuts)-9

TOTAL-71 rated an A+ fighter.

A+ = 65 or higher-All Time Top 10 All weights 
A   = 59-64-Top 10 All Time Heavy 
A- = 57-58-Top 20 All Time Heavy 
B+ = 55-56-Great star any period 
B   = 49-54-star any period 
B- = 47-48-minor star any period 
C+ = 41-46-Good Fighter any period 

Career Record
Oct 29,1960T.HunsakerLouisvilleW-Dec 61-0
Dec 27,1960H.SilerMiamiKO 42-0
Jan 17,1961T.EspartiMiamiKO 33-0
Feb 7,1961J.RobinsonMiamiKO 14-0
Feb 21,1961D.FleemanMiamiKO 75-0
Apr 19,1961L.ClarkLouisvilleKO 26-0
June 26,1961D.SabedongLas VegasW-Dec 107-0
July 22,1961A.JohnsonLouisvilleW-Dec 108-0
Oct 7,1961A.MiteffLouisvilleKO 69-0
Nov 29,1961W.BesmanoffLouisvilleKO 710-0
Feb 19,1962S.BanksNew YorkKO 411-0
Mar 28,1962D.WarnerMiamiKO 412-0
Apr 23,1962G.LoganLos AngelesKO 613-0
May 19,1962B.DanielsNew YorkKO 714-0
July 20,1962A.LavorateLos AngelesKO 515-0
Nov 15,1962A.MooreLos AngelesKO 416-0
Jan 24,1963C.PowellPittsburghKO 317-0
Mar 13,1963D.JonesNew YorkW-Dec 1018-0
June 18,1963H.CooperLondonKO 519-0
Feb 25,1964S.Liston(World)TKO 720-0
May 25,1965S.Liston(World)KO 121-0
Nov 22,1965F.Patterson(World)KO 1222-0
Mar 29,1966G.Chuvalo(World)W-Dec 1523-0
May 21,1966H.Cooper(World)KO 624-0
Aug 6,1966B.London(World)KO 325-0
Sept 10,1966K.Mildenberger(World)KO 1226-0
Nov 14,1966C.Williams(World)KO 327-0
Feb 6,1967E.Terrell(World)W-Dec 1528-0
Mar 22,1967Z.Folley(World)KO 729-0
Oct 26,1970Jerry QuarryAtlantaKO 330-0
Dec 7,1970O.BonavenaNew YorkKO 1531-0
Mar 8,1971Joe Frazier(World)L-By Dec 1531-1 ****
July 26,1971Jimmy Ellis(NABF)KO 1232-1
Nov 17,1971B.Mathis(NABF)W-Dec 1233-1
Dec 26,1971J.BlinZurich,SwzKO 734-1
Apr 1,1972M.FosterTokyoW-Dec 1535-1
May 1,1972G.Chuvalo(NABF)W-Dec 1236-1
June 27,1972Jerry Quarry(NABF)KO 737-1
July 19,1972A.LewisDublinKO 1138-1
Sept 20,1972F.Patterson(NABF)KO 739-1
Nov 21,1972B.Foster(NABF)KO 840-1
Feb 14,1973J.Bugner(NABF)W-Dec 1241-1
Mar 31,1973Ken Norton(NABF)L-By Dec 1241-2 ****
Sept 10,1973Ken Norton(NABF)W-Dec 1242-2
Oct 21,1973R.LubbersIndonesiaW-Dec 1243-2
Jan 28,1974Joe Frazier(NABF)W-Dec 1244-2
Oct 30,1974George Foreman(World)KO 845-2
Mar 24,1975C.Wepner(World)KO 1546-2
May 16,1975Ron Lyle(World)KO 1147-2
June 30,1975J.Bugner(World)W-Dec 1548-2
Sept 30,1975Joe Frazier(World)KO 1449-2
Feb 20,1976J.Coopman(World)KO 550-2
Apr 30,1976J.Young(World)W-Dec 1551-2
May 24,1976R.Dunn(World)KO 552-2
Sept 28,1976Ken Norton(World)W-Dec 1553-2
May 16,1977A.Evangelista(World)W-Dec 1554-2
Sept 29,1977Earnie Shavers(World)W-Dec 1555-2
Feb 15,1978L.Spinks(World)L-By Dec 1555-3 ****
Sept 15,1978L.Spinks(World)W-Dec 1556-3
Oct 2,1980Larry Holmes(World)L-By Ko 1156-4 ****
Dec 11,1981T.BerbickBahamasL-By Dec 1056-5 ****

Other Boxers
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