Ron Lyle-Born Feb 11, 1942 Dayton, OH
43-7-1(32 ko's)---(2-3) vs other heavyweights of the 70's

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Ron Lyle was a late starter in Professional Boxing after being released from Prison. He started at the age of 29 in Denver against A.J Staples earning a Knockout in the second round. This was just the start for Lyle who owned a big punch and a solid chin and was very athletic in the ring. Lyle won his first 19 decisions. He beat among others Chuck Leslie, George Johnson and Buster Mathis during his streak. He then took on the tough warrior Jerry Quarry in 1973, for more about this fight click on the Jerry Quarry link to the right. After his first loss to Quarry, Lyle took on a bunch of top 20 heavyweights and beat them all. Included were wins over Gregorio Peralta, Jose Luis Garcia and Larry Middleton. He also had a draw with Peralta in a rematch and beat Oscar Bonavena. Ron Lyle's ring record should be noted for the excellent caliber of competition he faced throughout his career. With his record standing at 28-1-1, Ron faced former world champion Jimmy Ellis. After beating the former champ, Lyle beat tough Boone Kirkman and then tasted the second loss of his career to sweet boxing Jimmy Young. After the Young fight Lyle's next three opponents were top Heavyweights of the 70's. Ali for a title, Foreman in a war and Shavers in another great fight . Click the links for more about these fights. After going (1-2) against these fighters (KO losses to Ali,Foreman and KO win over Shavers). Lyle then took on tough Jimmy Young again and lost a 12 round decision to him. Lyle then went on a mini win streak in defeating Joe Bugner, Scott Ledoux and three others before being knocked out by Lynn Ball. Lyle's career ended with a knockout loss in one round to future title contender Gerry Cooney. It should be said we never got to see Lyle in his prime because he was incarcerated during this time. If Ron Lyle was able to start his career earlier and was not fighting his toughest fights in his mid 30's I really believe we would be talking about Ron Lyle, the champion and Ron Lyle, the all-time great. Even without those years to fight, we can still talk about Ron Lyle, the all-time great , because he really was a super fighter. He was strong and a great athlete and a pleasure to watch.

Vs 1991 Evander Holyfield-This would be a real good fight with a many ebbs and flows. I believe both fighters would have been down in the fight and both would get up and keep fighting. Evander's heart is what would carry him through to a real tough win. Prediction-Holyfield by Split Decision

Vs 1988 Mike Tyson- Tyson would try to walk down Lyle and find out Ron wasn't taking a backward step. A ferocious war would ensue, the type that shortens careers. Tyson would eventually falter and be knocked out, Lyle never had as much problem with punchers, his problems came from boxers. Prediction-Lyle KO in 9

Vs 1999 Lennox Lewis-Lewis would hold a tactical advantage here because of the jab and being able to tie up on the inside. Lyle would probably tire chasing Lewis around and slowly give away rounds to Lewis. Lewis would make a bid for a knockout late, but as he does against real good fighters, just do enough to win and not take chances. Prediction-Lewis by Unanimous Decision

Lyle(1-10 skill rating, ten being the best) 
Hand Speed-6 
Intangibles(smarts,finishing,getting out of trouble,Cuts)-7

TOTAL-54 rated a B fighter. 

A+ = 65 or higher-All Time Top 10 All weights 
A   = 59-64-Top 10 All Time Heavy 
A- = 57-58-Top 20 All Time Heavy 
B+ = 55-56-Great star any period 
B   = 49-54-star any period 
B- = 47-48-minor star any period 
C+ = 41-46-Good Fighter any period 


Career Record
Date Opponent City-Title Result Record
Apr 23,1971 A.J Staples Denver KO 2 1-0
May 22.1971 A.Miller Boston KO 5 2-0
June 22,1971 G.Bates Stateline KO 4 3-0
July 16,1971 E.Stewart New York KO 2 4-0
July 24,1971 L.Caldwell Geneva,WI W-Dec 5 5-0
Aug 11,1971 F.Niblett Las Vegas KO 9 6-0
Sept 11,1971 E.Land Las Vegas KO 7 7-0
Oct 10,1971 M.Ramos Denver W-Dec 10 8-0
Nov 10,1971 J.Lewis Las Vegas KO 3 9-0
Nov 26,1971 J.O'Halloran Denver KO 4 10-0
Dec 18,1971 B.Drover Denver KO 2 11-0
Jan 22,1972 C.Leslie Denver KO 3 12-0
Mar 25,1972 G.Johnson Denver KO 3 13-0
May 10,1972 M.Turnbow Las Vegas KO 7 14-0
May 25,1972 M.Boswell Omaha KO 4 15-0
July 11,1972 V.Rondon Denver KO 2 16-0
Sept 29,1972 B.Mathis Denver KO 2 17-0
Oct 28,1972 L.Pires Denver KO 3 18-0
Dec 9,1972 L.Middleton Denver KO 3 19-0
Feb 9,1973 Jerry Quarry New York L-By Dec 12 19-1 ****
Apr 14,1973 B.Stallings Missoula W-Dec 10 20-1
May 12,1973 G.Peralta Denver W-Dec 10 21-1
June 11,1973 W.Newton Philly W-Dec 10 22-1
July 3,1973 L.Bailey Okla City W-Dec 10 23-1
Aug 15,1973 J.L Garcia Denver KO 3 24-1
Oct 4,1973 J.Blin Denver KO 2 25-1
Oct 31,1973 L.Middleton Baltimore W-Dec 10 26-1
Nov 17,1973 G.Peralta Frankfurt D-10 26-1-1
Mar 19,1974 O.Bonavena Denver W-Dec 12 27-1-1
July 16,1974 Jimmy Ellis Denver W-Dec 12 28-1-1
Sept 17,1974 B.Kirkman Seattle KO 8 29-1-1
Dec 13,1974 A.Jones New Orleans KO 5 30-1-1
Feb 11,1975 J.Young Honolulu L-By Dec 10 30-2-1 ****
May 16,1975 Muhammad Ali (World) L-By Tko 11 30-3-1 ****
Sept 8,1975 Earnie Shavers Denver KO 6 31-3-1
Jan 24,1976 George Foreman Las Vegas L-By Ko 5 31-4-1 ****
Sept 12,1976 K.Isaac Utica,NY KO 7 32-4-1
Nov 6,1976 J.Young San Fran L-By Dec 12 32-5-1 ****
Mar 20,1977 J.Bugner Las Vegas W-Dec 12 33-5-1
Sept 11,1977 S.Ward Las Vegas W-Dec 10 34-5-1
June 3,1978 H.Robinson Denver KO 8 35-5-1
Aug 6,1979 F.Moala San Diego KO 8 36-5-1
May 12,1979 S.Ledoux Las Vegas W-Dec 10 37-5-1
Dec 12,1979 L.Ball Phoenix L-By Ko 2 37-6-1 ****
June 19,1980 A.Newman Tacoma KO 10 38-6-1
Aug 23,1980 G.O'Mara Inglewood KO 10 39-6-1
Oct 24,1980 G.Cooney Uniondale L-By Ko 1 39-7-1 ****
Apr 7,1995 B.Johnson KY KO 4 40-7-1
May 12,1995 T.Pollard KY KO 2 41-7-1
June 9,1995 E.Strickland ??? KO 2 42-7-1
Aug 18,1995 D.Slaughter Denver KO 2 43-7-1

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