Quarry Vs Lyle-Feb 9th, 1973 N.Y
Ron Lyle was an ex-convict who was tearing through all his opponents in easy fashion. Lyle was a hulking specimen who had great power and a menacing style. He was trained well and fought out of the Denver area early in his career. Lyle was 19-0 with 17 knockouts coming into this fight. He had beaten fighters that were a step below Jerry Quarry's class. Fighters like Manuel Ramos, Buster Mathis and Larry Middleton. Quarry was his biggest test and his first Madison Square Garden fight. Jerry Quarry was still a very viable contender. He was smart and durable and just beaten Randy Neumann after losing to Muhammad Ali. Quarry was 44-6-4 going into the fight with 27 Ko's against much better opposition. Let's see the up and comer versus the contender play itself out.

Here's the fight as I saw it.-Green are the round scores as I scored it, red is important text like a cut, great punch or knockdown.

Round 1- The pace is measured at the start, both fighters wary of the other. Nice right from Quarry, and good inside work from both fighters, Quarry doing a little more early in the round.
Quarry's Round- 10-9

Round 2- Not many punches landed early, Quarry is controlling the action from the outside. Lyle with a huge right hand that rocks Quarry at the end of the round. It's obvious the power Lyle possesses.
Lyle's Round- 10-9  (19-19) even

Round 3- Lyle working well early with the jab. Quarry coming back with shots of his own. Lyle lands clubbing punches to Quarry's head. They trade shots late in the round, the pace is picking up.
Even Round- 10-10  (29-29) even

Round 4- Lyle with some good shots early to Quarry's head. Quarry digs to the body, Lyle then takes a couple shots to the head. Quarry doing excellent work to the body. Quarry looks fresh still.
Quarry's Round- 10-9  (39-38) Quarry

Round 5- Lyle with stiff jabs as the action slows down again. Lyle working well with quick, short combinations. Quarry lands with a good right that stuns Lyle. Lyle busier this round.
Lyle's Round- 10-9  (48-48) even

Round 6- Lyle scoring effectively early in the round. Nice hook to the body by Quarry. Close round not much happening, Lyle still jabbing, Quarry firing body shots.
Even Round- 10-10  (58-58) even

Round 7- Quarry with great shots to Lyle's head, Quarry hit in the chin with a powerful Lyle right. Quarry still going to the body well. Even round with a minute left. Quarry lands a good right and left hook, followed by another right to finish. Quarry's Round- 10-9  (68-67) Quarry

Round 8- Lyle jabbing well, a nice right hand from Lyle. Quarry mixing up his attack now. In and out, Quarry staggers Lyle late in the round with a great right hand. Lyle is trying to cover up, Quarry is battering Lyle against the ropes, Lyle is hurt. The bell sounds saving Ron.
Quarry's Round- 10-9  (78-76) Quarry

Round 9- Lyle with short punches, Quarry's trunks are slipping. Quarry tees off with shots inside. Lyle lands some nice punches, Quarry does all the work the last 30 seconds with crisp body shots to steal the round. Quarry's Round- 10-9  (88-85) Quarry

Round 10- Quarry on his bicycle as the action slows again. Lyle landing well early and follows with a good right hand cross. Quarry lands a nice right in a close round. Lyle doing a little more.
Lyle's Round- 10-9  (97-95) Quarry

Round 11- Lyle with strong punches to start the round. Lyle is using his short right well. Quarry is peppering Lyle with a nice assortment of punches. Lyle is slowing down as Quarry takes the fight to him.
Quarry's Round- 10-9  (107-104) Quarry

Round 12- Lyle lands a nice hook. Quarry lands well to Lyle's body, nice uppercut from Lyle. Pace is slowing as both fighters are very tired. Quarry is on his toes and punching Lyle well as Lyle is out of gas. Quarry looks fresh again and is dancing and scoring with blows that score points for him.
Quarry's Round- 10-9  (117-113) Quarry is my decision

Official Referee's decision- Quarry wins a unanimous decision.Quarry-U DEC 12

Jerry Quarry proved he wasn't finished yet and upset the previously undefeated Ron Lyle. The crowd was behind Jerry the whole way and he didn't disappoint them. Quarry worked very well inside and outside and showed a new versatility that wasn't seen much before. Quarry would go on to win his next 4 fights to put him at the top of the rankings in the heavyweight division. Ron Lyle learned a lesson that night and went on to win many good fights to get his title shot 2 years later against Muhammad Ali. Jerry Quarry could never be counted out and he proved again on this night.