Shavers Vs Lyle-Sept 8th, 1975 Denver
Earnie Shavers and Ron Lyle were both perched on high ranking positions in the division. The fight took place near Lyle's training center in Denver, Colorado and the crowd was raucous from the start. Shavers sported a record of 49-4-1 with 48 knockouts. Earnie had just come off 3 straight wins over Leon Shaw, Rochelle Norris and Oliver Wright respectfully. Lyle would be a good test to see if Earnie was ready for his title shot. Ron Lyle was attempting to come back after a loss to Muhammad Ali for the World Title. Lyle fought gamely in that bout but ran out of gas. Lyle had a record of 31-3-1 and wanted to get another shot at the title. This fight would have the crowd roaring.

Here's the fight as I saw it.-Green are the round scores as I scored it, red is important text like a cut, great punch or knockdown.

Round 1- Shavers comes out aggressively with Lyle moving backward, which was not his normal style. Ron must be aware of Earnie's huge power. Shavers lands a nice right against Lyle while Lyle is trying to hold. Shavers is landing the better blows, but Lyle comes back with a small flurry at the end of the round.
Shavers Round- 10-9

Round 2- Lyle comes out pawing with his jab. No real action in this round, they are wary of each others punch. Shavers lands a devastating left hook and LYLE GOES DOWN. He rises unsure of his surroundings at the count of 9. The bell rings and Lyle is saved from a sure pummeling.
Shavers Round- 10-8  (20-17) Shavers

Round 3- Shavers comes out looking to end it. He is wailing away to Lyle on the ropes. Lyle is covering up trying to get his senses back. Lyle fights back and stuns Shavers with a quick left-right combination, the crowd is going crazy. Shavers Round- 10-9  (30-26) Shavers

Round 4- Lyle comes out the aggressor for the first time and Shavers is against the ropes. Lyle hurts Shavers again, and Shavers comes back with a huge right that nearly sends Ron down, what incredible action. Even Round- 10-10  (40-36) Shavers

Round 5- Lyle comes out fast again and Shavers is retreating for the first time. Lyle is punching more now and gaining confidence. Lyle with a punishing combination and Shavers is hurt bad again from another right. Shavers looks out of gas. Lyle's Round- 10-9  (49-46) Shavers

Round 6- Shavers comes out of his corner seemingly groggy. Shavers misses and is countered well. Lyle lands a lightning bolt right!!,  Shavers is staggering, he's hit with 6 straight punches!! SHAVERS IS KNOCKED COLD. He's not getting up. Lyle comes of the deck to knockout Earnie Shavers.

This fight was an absolute war and one of the better action fights I've seen. Both fighters could hurt the other with any punch seemingly and they bombed away at each other with complete recklessness. Shavers lack of endurance caught up with him after he punched himself out. Earnie was not close to being done though and would have two title opportunities later in his career. Ron Lyle would fight his epic war with George Foreman in his next bout and would never be the same after it. On this night, Lyle was the king of Denver.