Earnie Shavers-Born Aug 31, 1945 Garland, AL
73-14-1(67 Ko's)---(2-5) vs other heavyweights of the 70's

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Earnie Shavers was a devastating one punch knockout artist. He wasn't overly quick or agile and didn't take a great punch, but he had the best one punch power in the history of boxing. It was just a matter of if he could get the punch home, which he usually did. He was an all out aggressor which helped him most of the time, but also tired him out. His overhand was right was an absolute thing of beauty and most heavyweights he hit never got up. His career started in 1969 when Earnie was already 24 years old and Earnie worked quick. His first fight in '69 was on Nov 6th and by the end of the year he was already 6-1, with his lone loss coming in a decision to Stanley Johnson. Shavers didn't slow down much in 1970 compiling a (11-1) record with his loss coming against Ron Stander. Stander avoided the big punch and turned the tide and knocked out Shavers himself. This left Earnie's record at  (17-2) entering '71. Shavers 1971 campaign was one of the most prolific years for any heavyweight in history. In this year Shavers was (17-0) with 17 knockouts! Shavers was becoming a major figure on the  heavyweight scene. His most impressive win in '71 was a 10 round knockout over Chuck Leslie. In 1972 Shavers continued to mow down the opposition and ended the year with an overall record of (43-2) 42 ko's. Ted Gullick was the most impressive name on the '72 ledger. In 1973 Shavers made his move up to the big time, still raw and unrefined he tore through the opposition faster then even George Foreman himself. On Feb 13th, 1973 Shavers faced his toughest test to date, the expert boxer Jimmy Young. Shavers knocked out Young in one round and followed that with another one round knockout over Harold Carter. Ex-Champion Jimmy Ellis was next, for more on this fight click the link that says Jimmy Ellis to the right. After another dismantling, Shavers met with tough, durable Jerry Quarry. Shavers all-out style was his nemesis this day, for more on this fight click the Jerry Quarry link. Shavers rebounded badly following the Quarry fight. He lost to unheralded Bob Stallings and had a draw in a rematch with Jimmy Young, who destroyed earlier in the previous year. Shavers 1975 competition was highlighted with a slugfest against the tough Ron Lyle, Lyle landed too many punches in stopping Earnie in the 7th round. Shavers was still near the top of the heap and didn't disappoint. He beat Henry Clark twice consecutively and then took on Muhammad Ali for the title. Ali was never hit so hard he stated, but he managed a decision win against Shavers. Earnie followed this up with a one-sided loss to Larry Holmes in a championship elimination bout. Shavers wasn't done yet however, he saved his most impressive win for Ken Norton. Norton was knocked out by Shavers in one round which set Earnie up for another shot at the title, and another shot at Larry Holmes. To read more about this great fight and an incredible 7th round, click on the Larry Holmes link at Sept 28th, 1979. Earnie was not done fighting, but he was clearly spent after the Holmes fight, and was never a serious challenger again. The rest of his career he fought as a trial horse and that's not the Earnie Shavers that will be remembered. The one that will be remembered is the one with the big punch and the big smile. 

Vs 1991 Evander Holyfield-No one can say Evander didn't get hit. The problem for him in this fight is that if he did get hit, like he did even in the prime of his career, he would not be getting up. I just think Evander would hit Earnie enough early to slow him down and take away some of his punch. Evander would wear Earnie down and take him out. Prediction-Holyfield KO in 8

Vs 1988 Mike Tyson- Who would land first? This is the type of fight which is impossible to predict, but I'll try anyway. Tyson was a little more compact then Shavers and would use this to get his punches in faster. Shavers would still hurt Tyson and a war would ensue. The winner? Prediction-Tyson KO in 6

Vs 1999 Lennox Lewis-Shavers would rush Lewis and deliever early, Lewis would have to be a lot busier and smarter then he has shown. I don't think Lewis would have time to even get started and Shavers would land and that would be it. Prediction-Shavers KO in 2

Shavers(1-10 skill rating, ten being the best) 
Hand Speed-6 
Intangibles(smarts,finishing,getting out of trouble,Cuts)-8 

TOTAL-53 rated a B fighter. 

A+ = 65 or higher-All Time Top 10 All weights 
A   = 59-64-Top 10 All Time Heavy 
A- = 57-58-Top 20 All Time Heavy 
B+ = 55-56-Great star any period 
B   = 49-54-star any period 
B- = 47-48-minor star any period 
C+= 41-46-Good Fighter any period 


Career Record
Date Opponent City-Title Result Record
Nov 6,1969 R.Howell Akron KO 2 1-0
Nov 11,1969 G.Holden Orlando KO 1 2-0
Nov 14,1969 S.Johnson Seattle L-Dec 6 2-1 ****
Nov 21,1969 L.Roy Rapid City KO 3 3-1
Dec 4,1969 J.D Mcauley Akron KO 2 4-1
Dec 18,1969 C.Froncano Canton KO 1 5-1
Dec 26,1969 G.Idolette Orlando KO 2 6-1
Jan 7,1970 T.Brown Akron KO 1 7-1
Jan 24,1970 J.Byrd Canton KO 3 8-1
Jan 27,1970 T.Brown Orlando KO 5 9-1
Mar 6,1970 A.Miller Canton KO 1 10-1
Mar 23,1970 R.Asher Youngstown KO 1 11-1
Apr 14,1970 F.Smith Canton KO 4 12-1
May 11,1970 R.Stander Omaha L-By Ko 5 12-2 ****
Aug 29,1970 J.Daniels Youngstown KO 1 13-2
Sept 12,1970 D.Branch Columbus KO 1 14-2
Oct 14,1970 J.Hudgins Canton KO 1 15-2
Nov 18,1970 J.Mac Youngstown KO 4 16-2
Dec 7,1970 B.Akins New York KO 1 17-2
Jan 6,1971 L.Estes Akron KO 2 18-2
Jan 15,1971 N.Shaver Miami KO 1 19-2
Feb 3,1971 J.Mac Las Vegas KO 3 20-2
Feb 17,1971 R.Gosha Akron KO 5 21-2
Mar 3,1971 S.Carter Las Vegas KO 1 22-2
Mar 24,1971 Y.Agabab Las Vegas KO 1 23-2
Apr 21,1971 M.Harrison Akron KO 2 24-2
Apr 24,1971 W.Johnson Tampa KO 4 25-2
May 14,1971 J.Brown Las Vegas KO 1 26-2
June 1,1971 C.Leslie Stateline KO 10 27-2
June 30,1971 B.Hardney Warren,OH KO 1 28-2
July 13,1971 B.McMurray Stateline KO 1 29-2
Sept 28,1971 P.Duncan Reno KO 5 30-2
Oct 17,1971 C.Boston Akron KO 2 31-2
Oct 29,1971 E.Henderson Stateline KO 4 32-2
Nov 23,1971 C.Daniels Warren,OH KO 2 33-2
Nov 30,1971 D.Morris Bryant,IN KO 3 34-2
Feb 1,1972 T.Gullick Warren,OH KO 6 35-2
Feb 15,1972 E.Walters Beaumont KO 2 36-2
Apr 6,1972 C.Polite Warren,OH KO 3 37-2
Apr 22,1972 B.Felstein Akron KO 5 38-2
May 5,1972 L.Bailey Akron KO 2 39-2
Aug 26,1972 V.Rondon Canton W-Dec 10 40-2
Sept 22,1972 A.J Staples Canton KO 1 41-2
Oct 25,1972 L.Caldwell Newton,OH KO 2 42-2
Feb 19,1973 J.Young Philly KO 1 43-2
Mar 12,1973 H.Carter Windsor KO 1 44-2
June 18,1973 Jimmy Ellis New York KO 1 45-2
Dec 14,1973 Jerry Quarry New York L-By Ko 1 45-3 ****
May 16,1974 C.Wallace San Jose KO 1 46-3
Nov 4,1974 B.Stallings New York L-By Dec 10 46-4 ****
Nov 26,1974 J.Young Largo,FL D-10 46-4-1
Feb 11,1975 L.Shaw Orlando KO 1 47-4-1
Apr 9,1975 R.Norris Binghamton KO 10 48-4-1
May 8,1975 O.Wright Baltimore TKO 3 49-4-1
Sept 8,1975 Ron Lyle Denver L-By Ko 6 49-5-1 ***
Nov 13,1975 T.Howard Monroeville KO 3 50-5-1
Mar 28,1976 H.Clark Paris W-Dec 10 51-5-1
Sep 28,1976 H.Clark Bronx TKO 2 52-5-1
Dec 11,1976 R.Williams Las Vegas TKO 10 53-5-1
Apr 16,1977 H.Smith Las Vegas TKO 2 54-5-1
Sept 29,1977 Muhammad Ali New York L-By Dec 15 54-6-1 ***
Mar 25,1978 Larry Holmes Las Vegas L-By Dec 12 54-7-1 ***
July 20,1978 H.Terrell Virginia KO 1 55-7-1
Oct 9,1978 J.Girowski Hampton KO 4 56-7-1
Dec 4,1978 H.Carter Saginaw KO 3 57-7-1
Mar 23,1979 Ken Norton Las Vegas TKO 1 58-7-1
May 25,1979 E.Porette Richfield KO 3 59-7-1
Sept 28,1979 Larry Holmes Las Vegas L-By Ko 11 59-8-1 ***
Mar 8th,1980 B.Mercado Great Gorge L-By Ko 7 59-9-1 ***
June 14,1980 L.Boone Cincinnati W-Dec 10 60-9-1
Aug 2,1980 T.Cobb Detroit L-By TKO 8 60-10-1 ***
Oct 17,1980 T.Hamilton Palm Beach KO 2 61-10-1
July 29,1981 T.Williams Saginaw KO 2 62-10-1
Sept 9,1981 M.Rodger Lansing KO 2 63-10-1
Dec 11,1981 J.Sims Nassau KO 5 64-10-1
Apr 21,1982 A.Haakim Traverse City W 10 65-10-1
May 8,1982 J.Bugner Dallas KO 2 66-10-1
May 15,1982 D.Sutton Charlestown KO 7 67-10-1
June 11,1982 J.Tillis Las Vegas L-By Dec 10 67-11-1 ***
June 22,1982 B.Thomas Houston KO 5 68-11-1 
Aug 17,1982 W.Santemore Lafayette L-By Dec 10 68-12-1 ***
Sept 5,1982 C.Gardner Wales KO 2 69-12-1
Nov 5,1982 T.Perea El Paso KO 7 70-12-1
Jan 29,1983 R.Griffin El Paso W-Dec 10 71-12-1
Mar 1,1983 G.Chaplin Baltimore L-Dq 9 71-13-1 ***
May 16,1987 L.Sims Cincinnati KO 1 72-13-1
Sept 19,1995 B.Morgan Omaha W 8 73-13-1
Nov 24.1995 B.Yates Wis Dells TKO by 2 73-14-1 ***
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