Jerry Quarry-Born May 15th, 1945 Los Angeles, CA
53-9-4(33 Ko's)---(2-6) vs other heavyweights of the 70's

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Jerry Quarry is called by some the best heavyweight to never win a world title. He was durable and rugged and had a good punch and great chin. His one flaw was cuts, which stopped some of his fights and hurt him in others. Jerry had a good left hook and was a good body puncher and smart defensive fighter. Quarry began his career in 1965 winning a decision against Gene Hamilton in Los Angeles. This was the start of a great streak that saw Jerry at 12-0 going into his first fight against Tony Doyle. Doyle was a tough, quality fighter and their first fight ended in a a draw. Jerry then took on Tony Alongi twice and George (Scrapiron) Johnson in his next four fights. He ko'd Johnson in 2 and had two draws against Alongi to put his record at 17-0-3 going into his fight against Eddie Machen. Machen handed Quarry his first pro defeat and Jerry took off 3 months to compose himself. After this Jerry went on another streak. He defeated Brian London, Billy Daniels and Alex Miteff among others. He also fought Floyd Patterson twice. The first fight ended in a ten round draw, the second gave Quarry his biggest win to date, a 12 round decision over the former champ Patterson. He then took on the number one challenger Thad Spencer, Quarry took Spencer out in the 12th round to get the number one contender position. In April 1968, Quarry would get his one and only world title shot losing the fight to Jimmy Ellis. More on that fight can be learned by clicking the link to the right that says Jimmy Ellis. After the loss Quarry won his next 5 fights against the likes of Charlie Reno and Buster Mathis. This put him in line to fight for the NY State title against undefeated Joe Frazier. This was a great fight with fireworks from both sides. Quarry eventually wore out in the 7th and was stopped. Quarry was still a hot property and did nothing to diminish this rep in taking out Brain London in 2 rounds. His next opponent was the tough Canadian champ George Chuvalo. Chuvalo stopped Quarry in the 7th round in a mild upset. This left Quarry's record at 33-4-4. He was at a cross roads and delivered by winning his next 4 fights. He beat George Johnson again and also beat Mac Foster. Quarry then took on Muhammad Ali and was cut badly and stopped in the 3rd round. This was Ali's first fight back after 3 years and a fight Quarry thought he could win, cutting was Quarry's worst enemy. After the loss to Ali, Quarry once again had to rebuild. He beat Tony Doyle 6 years after they first met and beat Larry Middleton as well in a 6 fight win streak. A return match didn't fare any better for Quarry however with Ali as he was whipped in 7 rounds. One of the best periods in Quarry's career was on the horizon. In a 6 fight win streak he beat the hard punching Ron Lyle in a 12 round decision and shocked the country in blasting the bomber Earnie Shavers in one fierce round. Quarry was not a quitter, and when people thought he was down was when he put on his best performances. In Quarry's last 5 fights of the 70's he lost to Ken Norton and Joe Frazier in 5 round Knockout losses. He came back for 3 fights in the 80's and 90's but that wasn't the same Jerry Quarry that was the best heavyweight to never win a title. "Irish" Jerry Quarry rest in peace.

Vs 1991 Evander Holyfield-This would be a war for 6 or 7 rounds, but Jerry's eyes would get the best of him again and Holyfield would be victorious on a stoppage. This would be a fight for the videotape because these are about as tough of guys as you could put in a ring. Prediction-Holyfield TKO in 9

Vs 1988 Mike Tyson-Tyson would throw bombs but how many he would land would determine how effective Jerry was in getting off his own left hook on the inside. I see this fight lasting the distance with Quarry making a failed comeback late. Prediction-Tyson by Unanimous Decision

Vs 1999 Lennox Lewis-Quarry would find this big guy tough to hit, but Lewis' jab would be countered well by Quarry's body punching. I think Quarry would stay busy throughout the fight and steal some close rounds. Prediction-Quarry by Split Decision

(1-10 skill rating, ten being the best) 
Hand Speed-7 
Intangibles(smarts,finishing,getting out of trouble,Cuts)-5

TOTAL-56 rated a B+ fighter. 

A+ = 65 or higher-All Time Top 10 All weights 
A   = 59-64-Top 10 All Time Heavy 
A- = 57-58-Top 20 All Time Heavy 
B+ = 55-56-Great star any period 
B   = 49-54-star any period 
B- = 47-48-minor star any period 
C+ = 41-46-Good Fighter any period 


Career Record
Date Opponent City-Title Result Record
May 7,1965 G.Hamilton Los Angeles W-Dec 4 1-0
June 4,1965 J.H Jackson Los Angeles KO 4 2-0
June 17,1965 L.Holmberg Los Angeles W-Dec 6 3-0
June 25,1965 D.Centi Los Angeles W-Dec 6 4-0
July 16,1965 W.Davis Los Angeles KO 3 5-0
July 29,1965 R.Ellis Los Angleles W-Dec 6 6-0
Aug 9,1965 J.H Jackson Kansas City KO 4 7-0
Aug 27,1965 J.P Spencer Los Angeles KO 4 8-0
Sept 24,1965 R.Ellis Los Angeles KO 3 9-0
Oct 13,1965 M.Manley Kansas City KO 1 10-0
Oct 29,1965 A.Carter Los Angeles KO 6 11-0
Nov 2,1965 R.Crear San Antonio KO 3 12-0
Nov 11,1965 T.Doyle Los Angeles D-10 12-0-1
Dec 24,1965 R.Crear Los Angeles KO 3 13-0-1
Feb 3,1966 E.Land Las Vegas W-Dec 8 14-0-1
Feb 17,1966 P.Snipes Los Angeles KO 5 15-0-1
Mar 4,1966 T.Alongi New York D-10 15-0-2
Apr 7,1966 G.Johnson Los Angeles KO 2 16-0-2
May 2, 1966 A.Jones Kansas City W-Dec 10 17-0-2
May 28,1966 T.Alongi Los Angeles D-10 17-0-3
July 15,1966 E.Machen Los Angeles L-By Dec 10 17-1-3 ****
Oct 20,1966 B.Nielsen Los Angeles W-Dec 10 18-1-3
Nov 29,1966 L.Borden Los Angeles KO 5 19-1-3
Dec 15,1966 J.Orbillo Los Angeles W-Dec 10 20-1-3
Jan 11,1967 A.Jones San Fran KO 5 21-1-3
Mar 9,1967 B.London Los Angeles W-Dec 10 22-1-3
Apr 27,1967 A.Miteff Los Angeles KO 3 23-1-3
June 9,1967 F.Patterson Los Angeles D-10 23-1-4
Sept 15,1967 B.Daniels Los Angeles KO 1 24-1-4
Oct 28,1967 F.Patterson Los Angeles W-Dec 12 25-1-4
Feb 3,1968 T.Spencer Oakland KO 12 26-1-4
Apr 27,1968 Jimmy Ellis (World) L-By Dec 15 26-2-4 ****
Nov 11,1968 B.Mumford Phoenix KO 5 27-2-4
Nov 19,1968 W.Earls San Antonio W-Dec 10 28-2-4
Jan 10,1969 C.Reno Seattle KO 5 29-2-4
Jan 26,1969 A.Eastling Canton, OH KO 5 30-2-4
Mar 24,1969 B.Mathis New York W-Dec 12 31-2-4
June 23,1969 Joe Frazier (NYS Title) L-By Ko 7 31-3-4 ****
Aug 11,1969 J.Carroll St.Paul,MN KO 1 32-3-4
Sept 3,1969 B.London Oakland KO 2 33-3-4
Dec 12,1969 G.Chuvalo New York L-By Ko 7 33-4-4 ****
Mar 3,1970 R.Brassell Miami KO 2 34-4-4
Mar 19,1970 G.Johnson Los Angeles W-Dec 10 35-4-4
June 17,1970 M.Foster New York KO 6 36-4-4
Sept 8,1970 S.Harris Miami KO 6 37-4-4
Oct 26,1970 Muhammad Ali Atlanta L-By Ko 3 37-5-4 ****
June 18,1971 R.Gosha Seattle W-Dec 10 38-5-4
July 24,1971 T.Doyle Geneva,WI W-Dec 10 39-5-4
Nov 16,1971 J.Bodell London KO 1 40-5-4
Dec 2,1971 L.Bailey Des Moines W-Dec 10 41-5-4
Apr 17,1972 E.Corletti Los Angeles KO 1 42-5-4
May 9,1972 L.Middleton London W-Dec 10 43-5-4
June 27,1972 Muhammad Ali Las Vegas L-By Ko 7 43-6-4 ****
Jan 5,1973 R.Neumann New York KO 7 44-6-4
Feb 9,1973 Ron Lyle New York W-Dec 12 45-6-4
Aug 31,1973 J.Woody Las Vegas KO 2 46-6-4
Sept 10,1973 T.Doyle Los Angeles KO 4 47-6-4
Dec 14,1973 Earnie Shavers New York KO 1 48-6-4
May 8,1974 J.Alexander New York KO 2 49-6-4 
June 17,1974 Joe Frazier New York L-By Ko 5 49-7-4 ****
Feb 25,1974 G.Johnson Honolulu W-Dec 10 50-7-4
Mar 24,1974 Ken Norton New York L-By Ko 5 50-8-4 ****
Nov 5,1976 L.Zanon Las Vegas KO 9 51-8-4
Aug 31,1983 L.Guerra Albuquerque KO 1 52-8-4
Nov 21,1983 J.Williams Bakersfield W 10 53-8-4
Oct 30, 1992 R.Cramner Wisconsin L-By Dec 6 53-9-4 ****
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