Norton Vs Quarry-Mar 24, 1975 N.Y
This fight was an elimination to meet Muhammad Ali in the near future for the title. Norton was the #2 ranked heavyweight in the world and Quarry was ranked #4. Ken Norton was very anxious for another shot at Ali especially because he already held a win over him previously. Norton came into the Quarry fight off wins against Boone Kirkman and Reco Brooks. He held a record of 32-3 with 25 knockouts going into this fight. Quarry was also anxious for another shot at the title, he had been close before and wanted one more chance at glory. He had just beaten Joe Alexander and wanted to step right back into contention. Previous to the Alexander fight Quarry lost by KO to Joe Frazier. Quarry had a record of 50-7-4 before this fight. Norton said Quarry was taylor made for him. Let's find out if he's right.

Here's the fight as I saw it.-Green are the round scores as I scored it, red is important text like a cut, great punch or knockdown.

Round 1- Norton comes out jabbing and lands a nice right hand. Norton digs to the body with hooks. Quarry stands his ground and lands a nice left hook. Jabs from Norton are real pretty, Norton lands with a nice right hand, they are trading, good left hook from Quarry. Norton's Round- 10-9

Round 2- Even Fighting early, Norton's jab is controlling the action. Great right from Norton. Quarry lands some good shots but Norton comes back with a nice right hand. Body Punches from Quarry land well, Norton lands some more crisp jabs. What an exciting round!
Even Round- 10-10  (20-19) Norton

Round 3- Quarry misses with a huge hook to start. Great jabs from Norton, Quarry is cut!, Norton peppers him with combinations. Quarry is punching in desperation because of the cut. Quarry is landing well. Norton fighting off the ropes well, Quarry still moving forward through the shots.
Even Round- 10-10  (30-29) Norton

Round 4- Norton wades in fast and lands real well. Norton scoring heavily now, Quarry is reeling back. Norton is fighting great this round. Quarry trying to fight back, but he's getting punished with uppercuts. Norton had an incredible round. Norton's Round- 10-8  (40-37) Norton

Round 5- Norton pressing forward and landing at will to open the round. Quarry is almost defenseless in the corner. Quarry lands a hook. Norton with uppercuts and strong straight rights, Quarry is in big trouble now, the referee steps in, the fight has been stopped, Quarry is taking too much punishment.
Norton-TKO 5

Kenny Norton proved he really did have Quarry's number. Norton's accuracy was incredible and left Jerry with no place to hide. Norton was ready for another shot at the title and would get it in the following year from Muhammad Ali. Jerry Quarry was losing his skill slowly and would retire from boxing following this fight. He came back a couple times for short stints, but Jerry was done as a contender following this fight. Quarry was very durable and when that started failing him, he had to get out of the sport. It's interesting these two fighters were the same age, but in such different parts of their careers.