Joe Frazier-Born Jan 12th, 1944  Beaufort, SC
32-4-1(27 Ko's)---(5-4) vs other heavyweights of the 70's

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Joe Frazier was a ferocious puncher with the best left hook in heavyweight history. His bobbing and weaving style that put him into position to deliver his punches made him a hard target to hit and tough man to run away from. His peek a boo defense stopped blows and left Joe in a good position to hook. Joe started his career in 1965 destroying Woody Goss in Philadelphia, and that was a sign of things to come. Over the next 7 years and 29 fights Joe Frazier could not be beaten. His first real test was in May of 1966 when he took on Chuck Leslie and dispatched of him in 3 rounds. Soon after Joe's competition took another step up in class. In the span of 3 months in late '66 Joe beat challengers Oscar Bonavena and Eddie Machen to firmly plant himself on the cusp of a title shot. Joe had to come off the canvas to beat Bonavena. It took a while for Joe to get his turn however and he beat more good competition like George Johnson and George Chuvalo on the way to getting a shot for the New York State title against Buster Mathis. Frazier knocked Buster out in 11 rounds and then beat Bonavena again before facing his toughest test to date. On June 23,1969 Joe took on his first best of the '70's heavyweight in Jerry Quarry. This fight was an incredible action fight and for more on it click the link for Jerry Quarry. After beating Quarry, Frazier finally got his chance to get the title. Jimmy Ellis was his opponent and Joe took him out in 4 rounds. Frazier was fast becoming called a great one and THE GREATEST-(Muhammad Ali) was soon an opponent. Before this though Joe beat the great light heavyweight champ Bob Foster. Foster dominated the light heavyweight scene for a decade but never could get it done against the great heavyweights. The "Fight of the Century" soon followed and Joe Frazier was a national icon after his thrilling win over Ali. After beating two more mortal fighters (Terry Daniels, Ron Stander). He would fight another soon to be icon George Foreman. Frazier would get his first lost in this fight being destroyed by what appeared to be a superhuman Foreman. Building back after the loss, Frazier didn't pick on no slouches, he first beat tough Joe Bugner over 12 rounds then had his first rematch against Ali. Ali took this fight over 12 rounds in a very close decision. Joe made it known to all the world though that he was far from washed up, and was actually starting to get to Ali when the fight was over in 12 rounds, not 15 because they were only fighting for the minor NABF title. Another fight against Quarry followed and Frazier showed the super punch in dispatching Jerry in 5. Then Frazier pounced on a fading Jimmy Ellis in early 1975 to set up the Thrilla in Manilla. This fight was an epic struggle and much more on this fight could be learned by clicking on the 1975 Muhammad Ali link. Once again Frazier leapt back into a major fight after a loss and took on George Foreman again. Foreman took a little longer this time but once again proved to be too much for Frazier. Joe retired and as so many fighters do, he came back for another fight and looked real washed up in a draw against Jumbo Cummings in 1981. Joe didn't have to come back, we already knew he was one of the greatest. He was solid as a rock and had a left hook for the ages-"Smokin Joe". 

Vs 1991 Evander Holyfield-Holyfield liked fighting against smaller fighters, but he never fought a smaller fighter like Joe Frazier. Holyfield has the heart of a lion, but Frazier has the heart of 2. Prediction-Frazier KO in 10

Vs 1988 Mike Tyson-Tyson would hurt Frazier once in the fight I'm sure, but Frazier would knock Tyson out the first time he had him hurt. This fight could go either way, but my gut feeling-. Prediction- Frazier KO in 7

Vs 1999 Lennox Lewis-Lennox would be a real tough match-up for Joe. The left hook of Frazier would have to travel a long way up to get there, this might be a total shock but I think it would be a close fight. Lewis would tie Joe up whenever he was hurt and keep popping the jab. I have got to think that Frazier would figure out a way to win though. Prediction-Frazier By Unanimous Decision

Frazier(1-10 skill rating, ten being the best) 
Hand Speed-7 
Intangibles(smarts,finishing,getting out of trouble,Cuts)-9 

TOTAL-62 rated an A fighter. 

A+ = 65 or higher-All Time Top 10 All weights 
A   = 59-64-Top 10 All Time Heavy 
A- = 57-58-Top 20 All Time Heavy 
B+ = 55-56-Great star any period 
B   = 49-54-star any period 
B- = 47-48-minor star any period 
C+ = 41-46-Good Fighter any period 


Career Record 
Date Opponent City-Title Result Record
Aug 16,1965 W.Goss Philly KO 1 1-0
Sept 20,1965 M.Bruce Philly KO 3 2-0
Sept 28,1965 R.Staples Philly KO 2 3-0
Nov 11,1965 A.Davis Philly KO 1 4-0
Jan 17,1966 M.Turnbow Philly KO 1 5-0
Mar 4,1966 D.Wipperman New York KO 5 6-0
Apr 4,1966 C.Polite Philly KO 2 7-0
April 28,1966 D.Smith Pittsburgh KO 3 8-0
May 19,1966 C.Leslie Los Angeles KO 3 9-0
May 26,1966 A.Jones Los Angeles KO 1 10-0
July 25,1966 B.Daniels Philly KO 6 11-0
Sept 21,1966 O.Bonavena New York W-Dec 10 12-0
Nov 21,1966 E.Machen Los Angeles KO 10 13-0
Feb 21,1966 D.Jones Philly KO 6 14-0
April 11,1967 J.Davis Miami KO 5 15-0
May 4,1967 G.Johnson Los Angeles W-Dec 10 16-0
July 19,1967 G.Chuvalo New York KO 4 17-0
Oct 17,1967 T.Doyle Philly KO 2 18-0
Dec 18,1967 M.Connors Boston KO 3 19-0
Mar 4,1968 B.Mathis (NY State) TKO 11 20-0
June 24,1968 M.Ramos (NY State) KO 2 21-0
Dec 10,1968 O.Bonavena (NY State) W-Dec 15 22-0
Apr 22,1968 D.Zyglewicz (NY State) KO 1 23-0
June 23,1969 Jerry Quarry (NY State) TKO 7 24-0
Feb 16,1970 Jimmy Ellis (World) KO 4 25-0
Nov 18,1970 B.Foster (World) KO 2 26-0
Mar 8,1971 Muhammad Ali (World) W-Dec 15 27-0
Jan 15,1972 T.Daniels (World) TKO 4 28-0
May 25,1972 R.Stander (World) TKO 4 29-0
Jan 22,1973 George Foreman (World) L-By Ko 2 29-1 ****
July,2,1973 J.Bugner London W-Dec 12 30-1
Jan 28,1974 Muhammad Ali (NABF) L-By Dec 12 30-2 ****
June 17,1974 Jerry Quarry New York KO 5 31-2
Mar 1,1975 Jimmy Ellis Australia KO 9 32-2
Oct 1,1975 Muhammad Ali (World) L-By Ko 14 32-3 ****
June 15,1976 George Foreman New York L-By Ko 5 32-4 ****
Dec 3,1981 J.Cummings Chicago D-10 32-4-1
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